I HEART: Gorjana astrology charm bracelet


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Aquarius: Today, the 28th of June.  Here’s some good news. Yes, it’s all about someone else at the moment and, yes, as mentioned yesterday, you do have to cede centre-stage. But guess what? You are coming out of the period where you have felt a little detached from the very people you know you should be closest to. It’s all getting better. Believe it! Where are you about to get LUCKY?  (Source: Yahoo Horoscopes)

Well, if it is all about me now, I’m buying this bracelet to remind me of that!

Available at ShopBop


Tweet Temptation: Kardashian’s jelly t-bar Fendi sandals


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I believe the feet to be those of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in a recent tweet by Kim Kardashian.  Cute Fendi sandals, perfect for summer!